Music Education Resources

Music Education Resources

Facebook Groups

  • Music Educators Creating Online Learning (Facebook Community): Ever evolving community of music educators sharing ideas and resources with one another. A repository and help center for music educators teaching online.
  • NoteFlight Learn FREE through June 30: For anyone not currently using Noteflight Learn, in the event of a school closure or quarantine Noteflight will allow you to use this free of charge with all of your students for the rest of the school year. Just email and let us know what you need. We have had a few requests from schools already so we will extend this offer to anyone who needs a way to teach music online. 
  • MusicFirst FREE: If you are looking for a solution to teaching your music classes online in the coming weeks, all you need to do is sign up for a FREE extended demo account of MusicFirst Classroom for you and your students. Complete solution with software, and most importantly, pre-made courses and curriculum – accessible on ANY internet connected device – including phones. Sign up here!
  • SmartMusic FREE: For schools impacted by COVID-19 closures who do not already have a SmartMusic subscription we are offering free access through June 30, 2020. Click here for more information

Master lists:

  • Christopher Bill Guide to Remote Music Education – one of the most comprehensive guides to online music teaching. Click here 
  • Save The Music – Collective list of resources. Click here 

Other Resources:

  • Teach Rock  FREE lessons/units for use by teachers (all subjects and all grade levels) in a distance learning platform.  A link can be shared to a lesson by a teacher and students can work through the lesson – viewing videos, listening to songs, and creating timely projects.  The site will be adding new distance learning packs weekly!
  • Ted Ed – Curated list of educational resources from the people behind Ted Talks! Click here 
  • Spotify Playlists – Pretty user-friendly for creating and sharing
  • YouTube Playlists – Curate a list of videos for students to watch
    • When signed into YouTube, click the little “+” to the left of “SAVE” under the video(s) you want to add, and then either create a new playlist or add to a current playlist listed. To access your current playlists, click the top left panel on the YouTube home screen. If not visible, click “Show more” and select the desired playlist. From there you can re-order videos and share that link to students.
  • Christopher Bill Lesson Courses (educators, ask for a free code and group discounts) Right now I have a giant three-part course on a range building, a cool course on learning intervals/triads/7th chords, and a course on learning key signatures. In the next week or two I should have my course/play-alongs for major scales up as well. Anybody interested, please reach out and I’ll give you a free access code to see if it’s something you might want for your student.
  • The Shed – Great digestible lessons for theory, notation, rhythm, improvisation, etc.
  • Jam of the Week – Facebook community for improvisation and feedback from professionals.
  • 7 Favorite Collaborative MusicMaking Apps – article
  • inTune Monthly Magazine – Click Here for this month’s issue FREE
  • Covid-19 Music Education Resources – Click here (TONS!! But some already listed here)
  • Developing a Student Practice Plan for Remote Learning – Click Here
  • Utilizing SEL in Composition Activities – article by Dr. Scott Edgar
  • Music Theory Resources – Click here (sorted by topic & curated by Ethan Hein of NYU)
  • Music Theory Web Resource: Google document collaboration meant to be open-source information for music educators to use for virtual teaching
  • Music Theory Practice and more: (MTP) is a music theory resource website that provides free online music theory education through flashcards, articles, and lessons. MTP apps cover topics ranging from basic music theory for the complete beginner, such as note flashcards, to advanced concepts for music graduate students, from interval quizzes, to articles on 12-tone matrices and combinatorial hexachords.
  • FREE Virtual Choir:  The International Music Education Summit just opened up their Virtual Choir to any teachers and STUDENTS who would like to join, and have extended the deadline through the end of March! This is a totally FREE opportunity and is in partnership with Soundtrap (a Spotify company).
  • All Star Orchestra:  Free videos of some of the classical and new repertoire performed by the best orchestral musicians in the word.
  •  This site was established in order to spread the “word” faster about  music, technology, and other related educational topics. Find information on music technology, Education and more.
  • Denise Gagne (music specialist): Denise Gagné is a music specialist with 35 years of experience and suggests (and links to downloads on includes: Song videos (lyrics, notation, highlights and kids demos.) Interactive activities: solfa challenge (new!) interactive rhythm, Listening, Solfa Practice and Rhythm Practice, Recorder, Ukulele, Guitar and Rhythm and Melody Composition Tools.
  • Primary Prodigies Music Lessons: The easiest way to teach young children music! Our kids youtube channel is full of interactive preschool learning videos that get kids singing, hand-signing and playing their first instrument.
  • Feierabend Fundamentals Virtual Schooling Resources: Evolving Google Sheet with a variety of virtual learning resources for music compiled by educators and parents.
  • SHED THE MUSIC: Remote Learning Resources for many aspects of music including:Music Technology, Music Method, Band Method,  Guitar Method, Music Theory and more. Music Challenges, Worksheets and Misc. resources available.
  • College Board AP: AP teachers can access these additional resources to help them get set up with AP Classroom: Beginning in early April, free online video lessons developed by AP teachers will be available for the AP topics and skills typically taught in the final weeks of each AP course. Watch the videos at
  • Bridging the Gap: Teaching and Learning Music Online Webinar: This webinar features the fundamentals of teaching and learning Music online.
  • For Education
    Collaborative music learning app from theory to composition that works with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and other platforms.
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