Dance Resources

Dance Education Resources
  • Dancio: Dancio, an online dance technique teaching platform run by Caitlin Trainor is offering 2 weeks free use. Includes ballet and modern master classes. 
  • PBS Learning Media: Dance: Hundreds of videos available from PBS LearningMedia, exploring many styles of dance, as well as resources to encourage participation, analysis, appreciation, and history of Dance.

Resources for transitioning to virtual courses

Online Classroom Activity Resources

  • EdPuzzle: Videos that you can customize to add in questions and it will stop the video.
  • Flipgrid: Online video discussion forum where students can post videos as responses to questions.
  • Create and customize or pick vocab sets for students to work with
  • Webquests: Find some online or create your own project where students are working with a goal in mind.
  • Quizlet: Create sets for students to learn and then have them practice in many different formats.
  • Open Culture: Free coloring books
  •  PS 11’s H.O.P.: Home-Based Optional Practice- list of arts activities for elementary students
  •  Virtual Field Trips!: Have your students take a virtual field trip & create a movement phrase about their experience.
  •  Arts Alive: Long list of various resources for dance from library archives to organizations
  • Newsela: Articles for many content areas including dance.



Thank you to Dance New Jersey. They are currently populating a list here:

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