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With the mass cancellation of student arts events, school and college closures, and shifts to online learning becoming a part of our new reality, this is a unique opportunity for students and teachers to develop new strategies for teaching and learning and to reflect and grow as artists and people. While it may be increasingly difficult to view the current environment as positive for arts education, our teachers are being forced to develop new educational strategies, and students are developing new approaches to learning.
And Arts Ed NJ is here to help.
With the announcement of the closing of all public schools for the foreseeable future – and the shift to alternative means of delivering instruction – the Arts Ed NJ staff have been working for overtime to compile a list of resources, technologies and instructional tools to support our arts educators and teaching artist who are now impacted by these rapidly changing events.
We have created a special section of the Arts Ed NJ website with resources for arts educators. We have been working in close consultation with the Art Educators of New Jersey, Dance New Jersey, New Jersey Music Educators Association, Speech and Theatre Association of New Jersey, and New Jersey Thespians to make available these resources to all of our educators and teaaching artists. The pages include resources that are applicable to everyone (technology platforms and services) as well as individual pages for each discipline.
We welcome any additional suggestion you may have so we can share with the broader arts education community.
Through all of this Arts Ed NJ is committed to provide support, services and advocacy for our arts education community. The shift to online and virtual learning should not be a reason to diminish the importance of arts education. If anything, our students need ARTS ED NOW more than ever.
We will continue to develop new ways and ideas to showcase the great work of our arts educators across the state.  Times like these are when the arts bring us together. We are here for you and will continue to advocate aggressively on your behalf.
If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us directly.

Strategies for Distance Learning (All Disciplines):

So your school is closed and now you have to do all your work from home without your familiar routine or friends around. Now what?! This is your opportunity to create the educational environment to help you learn the best! Here are some strategies to be effective academically, socially, and emotionally: Click here 

Communication Resources (All Disciplines)

Easy One-On-One Video Chat Services:

  • Google Duo (Android/iPhone/Computer cross-compatible)
  • Facebook Messenger (Android/iPhone/Computer cross-compatible, need Facebook)
  • FaceTime (iPhone only, so not ideal)
  • Skype & Google Hangouts work fine for one-on-one but are unnecessarily clunky if all you’re looking for is a quick and easy face-to-face.

Multi-Person Group Video Chat Services:

  • Skype (100-person max, iPhone/Android/Computer & phone number call-in, screen-share)
  • Zoom Meeting (100-person, 40min max free-plan, iPhone/Android/Computer & phone number call-in, Recording feature saves meetings)
  • Google Hangouts (10-person max, iPhone/Android/Computer & phone number call-in)
  • Loom – offering free accounts for educators and students 
  • Facebook Messenger (50-person max, iPhone/Android/Computer, need Facebook)
  • FREE SCHOOL-WIDE access to our full Kami digital classroom application 
  • FaceTime (32-person max, iPhone-only, so not ideal)

Remote Live Lecture/Masterclasses (one person broadcasting to many)

  • Crowdcast$29/month basic plan, has app
    • 2 hour session limit, video playback after event, option to charge for viewing
    • Integrated chat for students
    • Students can submit questions and up-vote questions already submitted
    • Can invite students or guests to join on screen for a true virtual masterclass setting

Forum-Style Communication

  • Discord – Not incredibly user-friendly to set up. You can have a student who is familiar with the platform set it up, dig in and watch some YouTube tutorials. It’s an incredible free option and great for group communication, sending out updates, and keeping students accountable all in one place. 
  • Slack – The “professional cousin” of Discord. Paid plans unlock more group collaboration, document storage, etc.
  • Facebook Groups – Not every student is going to have a facebook account, so not ideal, but very user friendly to set up and use. No phone notifications for announcement and messages like with Discord and Slack.
  • Google Classroom – Comprehensive solution to managing virtual education

Additional Tools: 

Select a Discipline to View Resources:

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