Show Your Support for Student Participation in Arts Education!

Show Your Support for Student Participation in Arts Education!

Each year Arts Ed NJ strives to make quality arts education a focal point in our state. Our programs and services lead to lasting impact for students in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties. After a full decade of promoting arts education for all students in New Jersey, we now have the evidence that our strategies and hard work have paid off and we couldn’t have done it without people like you!

We have an opportunity to do even more, and

you can help by supporting Arts Ed NJ this season.

In 2017 we were humbled to receive the largest arts education grant ever awarded in New Jersey from the National Endowment of the Arts.  This grant will enable Arts Ed NJ to further increase the collective impact of our statewide efforts in New Jersey. As we continue to influence conditions that will increase opportunities for student engagement in arts education, we need you.

Your donation to Arts Ed NJ will help us reach our

$25,000 matching goal this year.

With your generosity and support, Arts Ed NJ can:

  • Ensure that New Jersey becomes the first state in the nation to provide universal access to arts education for ALL students. We can reach this milestone in 2018!


  • Ensure that the 80,000 students who should be receiving arts instruction (but do not) are provided the instruction they are entitled to receive while increasing overall participation statewide.


  • Increase the number of schools that are providing dance and theater programs while strengthening music and visual art programs.

Together we can make ARTS ED NOW a reality for
Every Child in Every School across our state.

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