Spreading the Good News with Neptune Schools

If you were to visit the schools of Neptune Township, you would find many examples of students actively participating in the arts.  At any given point in the day students are making music, creating art, dancing, acting, and working with the media arts.  This happens at all grade levels across the district, starting from Pre-Kindergarten, all the way to Seniors in High School.  As a district we have decided to embrace the Arts Ed Now to spread the good news of the power of the arts in the life of a child.
In addition to teaching our students to create, perform, present, respond, and connect to the arts, we believe in the transformative power of the arts to change a life.  We encourage students to use the arts to achieve and succeed.  The arts provide an avenue of success for students, which then provides them with the encouragement to tackle all of life’s challenges.  It is with this philosophy can we then ask today’s art students what they aspire to become tomorrow.  
Active engagement in arts education activities give students a safe and positive environment to learn skills beyond those in the specific art form.  Students learn skills such as teamwork, time management, resiliency, and learning to utilize creativity.  With the help of the Arts Ed Now Campaign, we have used our Social Media presence to spread the good news of our student’s success with the arts, as well as their hopes and dreams.  
As you walk through our hallways and see the MANY “Today and Arts Student, Tomorrow…” prompts that students have completed, it shows the hopes and dreams of our students.  It shows the power of the arts goes beyond the artistic relevance, and moves into a more human and personal relevance.  To our district, it provides a connection for ALL of our students: participate in the arts and it will inspire you and change your life!
The goal of Arts education is to develop a student into a well-balanced young person who is educated, cultured, has a healthy appreciation for the arts, and will make positive contributions to society.  The Arts Ed Now Campaign provides students the opportunity to show their life and career goals.  What do they aspire to be? What have the arts taught the student, beyond artistic skills?  What positive experiences from their art participation will students remember as they move into adulthood?  
The Arts Ed Now Campaign has empowered our district to spread the good news of arts education, so as successful adults, they realize the positive influence had, and hopefully still has, on their lives.
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