Racheal Lee – Chapter Select Play

Racheal Lee is a current senior at Hopewell Valley Central High School in Pennington, NJ. She has adored performing ever since she staged a whole concert in her diapers in front of her parents. Picnic is one of the many shows she has been a part of in high school. Some of the others include Damn Yankees, Mambo, and Dracula. Besides acting, Racheal enjoys many other types of performing, some of which are violin, choir, and dance. She has sung in choir since middle school, singing in shows, church, and concerts. She has played the violin for years, performing for audiences as well. Her dancing skills have been present since her first dance class, where she started learning ballroom dancing since the age of five. She continues to develop her skills in all aspects of theatre, including taking drama classes, practicing the violin, learning new types of dance (like tap, ballet, jazz, and latin), and continuing to sing in choirs. She is very appreciative to everyone who has supported her and guided her in her life.