John Townsend – State Championship-Varsity Public Forum Debate

I am a 16 year old junior at Delbarton School in Morristown New Jersey. One of my biggest passions is entrepreneurship. I own and operate three different companies. The first, called Super Stringing Lacrosse, is a lacrosse stringing company. Fueled by my interest in the sport, the company grew and surpassed over 270,000 views on YouTube, and five thousand followers on Instagram. The same year, during a tense political climate, a friend and I started Politichat, a site where a diversely opinionated group of high school and college students come together to discuss politics. After close to two years in operation, we have grown to high schools and colleges in five different states. Finally, I am extremely interested in all things music and movies. With a few family friends, we created a podcast called “Stuff We Love Podcast” discussing our passions. In school, I participate in many different clubs and extracurriculars. I joined my school’s debate program, where I travel around the nation debating current events with other students from around the globe. The forensics program has been one of the most influential activities in my life, and one I really enjoy. In addition, I lead the Current Events Club, American Politics Club, and Wave for Life Club.