Hip Hop Fundamentals – Distinguished Service Award

Hip Hop Fundamentals are a diverse group of professional dancers dedicated to teaching youth empowerment, social issues, and academic content through Breaking/B-Boying, the world’s first Hip Hop dance. Their shows range from hip hop history to basic physics, and from anti-bullying to the Civil Rights movement. Hip Hop Fundamentals’ educational programs stress respect, youth empowerment, health and fitness, cooperation, and active learning. In addition to assemblies, they run workshops as well as ongoing instruction for local schools and institutions.

Since 2004, the company has performed hundreds of shows across the United States for all school levels, community sites, and youth camps. We are featured in Columbia University’s collective 2014 book Advocating Creatively, as well as articles in Dance Studio Magazine. In October 2013 Hip Hop Fundamentals presented at the TEDx conference in Bermuda, lecturing on the power of creative education and Hip Hop as an educational tool.