Brianna Aaron – State Championship-Policy Debate

Brianna Aaron is a senior at Science Park High School who’s is a part of the International Baccalaureate program. She’s the co-founder of the Creative Writing club at her school along with being an active participant in the gardening club, UNICEF club, a former Sadie Nash sister, and a volunteer at her local hospital. In regards to debate, she has been competing in the activity since seventh grade and is the captain and fundraiser organizer of the Science Park debate team. She has done a variety of debate formats with her primary focus being on Lincoln Douglas. She has been in the final round of five national tournaments, championing two and has also received 5 qualification bids to the Tournament of Champions two years in a row. She has also won States in policy debate four times in a row. Brianna plans on double majoring in Psychology and Sociology once she gets to college.