Hyewon Chung – AANJ Student Achievement Award


I am Hyewon Chung from Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest class of 2018. During my high school years, I took several different art classes to explore my ardent interest in art. I have been working on drawing and painting for 2-3 years in both art classes in school and outside the school. As a result of my time and effort, I was able be recognized as a winner of a gold key in Scholastic Award, AANJ Visual Art Achievement Award, and The Federal Duck Stamp Contest Rewards. After I graduate from high school, I will go to art school and major in graphic design/communication design. I admire people, whom I have seen in movies, books, and news, that use their ability to express their opinions and use their power for the public good. Therefore, my goal is to use art and design to become more engaged in solving social justice issues and contributing to the public good in a positive way.