Blog: More than Meetings

More than Meetings:
They’re on your calendar nearly every day. They can be time consuming and disruptive. An average American employee of a mid-size company can spend over 40% of their work week in meetings; taking them away from the task at hand, and — potentially — more than a little frustrated. But we don’t look at meetings that way.
At the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership, we have the great fortune of sitting down with arts and education leaders across the state on a regular basis. At these times, we share information, we learn about the challenges and opportunities in the arts education landscape, and we collaborate with valuable partners.
Nick Paleologos, Executive Director of The New Jersey State Council on the Arts, has become an invaluable colleague at these convenings, including a meeting held recently in Trenton at the NJSCA offices.
The day was wet and raw, but – among a gathering of dedicated arts education partners – the take-away buoyed us all: thanks to so much hard work, arts and education continue to thrive in New Jersey.
Nick put it this way:
“I don’t think in my professional lifetime I’ve ever worked with a more thoughtful and effective group of arts education practitioners than the people sitting around this NJAEP table. It is both exhilarating and humbling for me because what is happening here in New Jersey—because of your vision, and just plain hard work, is a shining example for the rest of the country. The focus, clarity, eloquence and persistence you have shown for more than a decade is truly an amazing story of how like-minded advocates can get big important things done together—one meeting at a time!”
Thanks, Nick. We’re looking forward to sitting down with you again soon.

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