Dancing From A Distance

As dance educators, we embody the definition of flexible figuratively and literally. We physically are present to teach or take a class which is part of our norm and daily dance in our lives as a dancer and educator. Yet, now together with all educators across the nation, we are faced with a new reality of teaching and dancing from a distance. This is uncharted territory for all. Thankfully, many K-12 teachers are already used to using online platforms, such as Google Classroom, which can continue to be employed in the transition to online learning. Similarly, reflective essays submitted via these platforms that may have already been a part of your curriculum can be an important tool for helping students process their feelings and experiences right now. Now faced with this new reality of dancing from a distance; I’m grateful for the dance community at large who has been dialoguing and exchanging resources for all us to continue to keep our students dancing from a distance. Together we can all #KeepDancing.Here is a sample of my first Dancing from a Distance assignment for my students; which was shared on the National Dance Education Organization k-12 forum to help other dance educators. Students read all or part of  I AM A DANCER by Martha Graham and submit a one-page response to the article titled, “I AM A DANCER When…”  students will discuss the meaning of the article as well as identify how they are a dancer in your daily life. I’ve done the assignment many times of the years and received many amazing responses to their personal connection sharing examples of how they dance through their life. This assignment can be given to all dancers regardless of experience. Attached you can read- Junior, Isabella Verma from PHS Dance- who eloquently expresses how the arts truly connect us all regardless if we are near or far. 

  Additional Resources:  

  • Free On-Line Dance Classes- more being posted daily on social media
  • CLI Studios -Free Live On-Line  Daily Dance Classes with leading commercial dance professionals; Teddy Florence, Twitch, Allison Hoker and more – http://www.clistudios.com/keepdancing
  • NYC Ballet Tiler Peck – Daily Ballet Classes live on her Instagram- @tilerpeck
  • Debbie Allen Live Free Class @therealdebbieallen
  • Ballet Nova – @balletnova – Live Ballet Classes streamed on Facebook

Websites: Performances/Documentaries/interviews


State & National Organizations for Dance Educators- See Resources

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