Celebrating 15 Years of Successful Arts Education Impact!

Our Dream of Every Student, Every School, Every Day, Every Year, Arts Education Changes Lives!

“Because of Arts Education,  I know now that I am capable of anything and everything I put my mind to. My creativity and art community gives me the space to be who I am unapologetically.” 

         – Jasmine Camille, 2020 NJ Governor’s Awards in Arts Education Winner

Jasmine is one of the 1.3 million students who now have access to arts education in their schools. Jasmine and her peers have witnessed the power arts education has to change lives and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow!

Join us in celebrating 15 years of championing arts education! 
Share YOUR story that only you can tell, of Why YOU Support Arts Education? 
OR Why does Arts Education Matter to YOU? 

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Music Made Me
When I moved from Philadelphia to South Carolina in the 6th grade everything was different. The culture I had known and grew up with was completely changed and making friends was a real change for me. Fortunately, in 7th grade I started playing trumpet at school and a whole new world of friends opened up to me. Not only did I make great friendships, but the confidence I had playing my horn helped me to open up to really everyone in my life. I finally knew who I was and who my people were!
I support Arts Ed NJ, because arts ed is for all.
Arts Education matters because the arts are a springboard to deeper learning!
Educator Spotlight: Ms. Danielle Robertson
Although not every student in my class will go on to be a professional performer, theatre is a fantastic tool for the development of conscious, social, well-rounded citizens. Theatre training develops a higher level of empathy, compassion, social awareness, and overall personal confidence through curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. I teach because I believe in the transformative power of theatre and the welcoming, accepting community that an arts education experience brings to students!
Clifton High School Senior
Because of arts education I have been able to express my passions openly and work to create a space for everyone to feel welcome. Because of Arts Education, students have the opportunity to build friendship, teamwork, leadership, and of course, their talent. Not only does it improve your talent, but music and help physically and psychologically as well.
Gloucester County Institute of Technology – 12th Grade
To me, Arts Education means that students are given a platform to grow in their talents while being given opportunities to get exposed to training and adjudications which help prepare us for future aspirations and career goals.
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