Blog: Professional Learning Worth Celebrating!

Arts Ed NJ recognizes that professional learning is essential, and is critical to maintaining a healthy arts education ecosystem throughout the state.  While the topics that are most relevant to the field may vary, the need for high quality professional learning opportunities remains constant. Since 2007, Arts Ed NJ has taken the lead by providing numerous occasions for professional learning and growth. In 2018 alone Arts Ed NJ provided sixty-five hours of active learning!

Over the last twelve months, learning opportunities have included Social-Emotional Learning in and Through the Arts, A Close Look at Impactful Arts Learning, and Thinking About and Doing Arts Integration, just to name a few. Working closely with our partners enables us to offer opportunities for participants to engage with thought leaders throughout New Jersey. This model of collaboration ensures that Arts Ed NJ can continue to develop professional learning opportunities worth celebrating!

With the launch of Arts Ed Now, New Jersey’s public awareness campaign designed to increase active student participation in arts education, Arts Ed NJ added Creative Sessions to the list of perennial opportunities it offers. Since 2016 these Creative Sessions have engaged teachers, along with school and community leaders, in the type of active learning that will result in more effective grassroots advocacy at the local level. Each Arts Ed Now Creative Session is unique, but every session provides the participants with the opportunity to learn more about how to leverage the fundamentals of advocacy in support of arts education.

Imagine for a moment that you have just entered a room filled with the sound of group discussion; imagine the buzz of engaging conversation and shared laughter.

These qualities are often present when active learning is taking place, and these are the very qualities that Arts Ed NJ works hard to foster in every session. Arts Ed NJ is committed to strengthening the arts education ecosystem, and will continue to align our work in this area with our partners to offer high quality professional learning opportunities that complement participants’ professional learning goals.

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