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Embracing the Arts: A Pathway to Well-Rounded Education was part of the 2018 Arts Education Series co-sponsored by Arts Ed NJ and the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association. During this day of professional learning, administrators and teacher leaders explored how the arts, as a core curricular area, are a meaningful component of the Every Student Succeeds Act.  

View this suite of four videos to better understand how a consistent commitment to arts education leads to positive school climate, family and community engagement, as well as students’ academic and social-emotional development. Learn directly from practitioners and researchers about opportunities to include the arts as an important dimension of student learning and the impact of arts learning! 

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Kira Rizzuto
Program Development Manager

 Professional Learning Archive

  • Developing Impactful Arts Integration: From Planning to Practice
  • Social Emotional Learning and the Arts: Exploring Connections and Implications


Transforming Schools Through the Power of the Arts

Spring 2018: Arts Ed Series

Equity, Assessment, and Participation – The Components of Model Program Design

Spring 2017: FEA Arts Ed Series

A series of arts-based professional learning at FEA

Sponsored by FEA and the NJ Arts Education Partnership

2016: FEA Arts Ed Series

This session will include practical strategies to address the major educational initiatives 

2014 : FEA Arts Ed PD

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