2016 NJ Arts Education Census

On January 18, 2016 the New Jersey State Department of Education will launch the third New Jersey Arts Education Census of the visual and performing arts in every school across the state. Every school is required to participate by completing an online survey regarding the status and condition of arts education. The survey MUST BE COMPLETED by March 15, 2016.

To assist in the information gathering process we have provided the following documents for your use:

Broadcast Memo from Assistance Commissioner of Education Kimberley Harrington to all superintendents, principals and school administrators outlining the rational and instructions for the survey;

The Survey Tool including the questions as they will appear in the online survey (please note some questions will only be presented to relevant school types);

Instructions and Definitions for completion of the survey;

Please contact your building principal and offer your assistance in compiling the information needed to complete the survey.

If you have any questions please contact Bob Morrison at 908-542-9396